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Author Archive for Alysia Humphries

About the Author:

Alysia Humphries is wife and mother of 6 great kids ranging from toddlers to teens. She loves dancing, writing, and anything creative, teaching her kids at home, and learning new things every day. Alysia is the founder/creator of Moms Empowered, a movement to support and encourage mothers in discovering who they are and the power that is in them, in nurturing and developing themselves, and creating more purposeful, powerful, and joyful lives. http://www.momsempowered.com
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Spiritual Sundays: What Seeds Are You Planting?

Spiritual Sundays: What Seeds Are You Planting?

The rewards of motherhood are not often right before us. Much of our time is spent planting seeds--seeds that may not be reaped for a long time.
Four Key Habits Moms Don't Want To Live Without

Four Key Habits Moms Don’t Want To Live Without

Do you find yourself discouraged about motherhood more often than not? We are willing to bet that these four habits will help you see your work as a mom with the perspective you deserve.