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Author Archive for Cindy McKee

About the Author:

I enjoy reading a good book, soaking in a hot bubble bath and taking the occasional long, quiet walk in beautiful Heber Valley, Utah. While I wear many hats in various endeavors, it is my passionate ambition to empower my four children (ages 21-10) to become the healthy, happy and successful people their Creator intended each to be. The hardest thing about the past 22 years of motherhood? Competing with that imaginary "perfect" mother who exists in my head. The best part about being a mom? Rediscovering the beauty of life on a daily basis by seeing the world through a child's eyes. Best lessons ever learned? No stain is truly permanent, cold cereal IS an acceptable dinner entree, and it's okay to laugh. www.cindymckee.net
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I Made It?

I Made It?

The inconvenience of the dirty diapers and messy bedrooms pale in comparison to this bittersweet process of letting go. This is the chapter I would add to all of those parenting books stacked on the library shelves.”
Guilt-Free Organization Tips

Guilt-Free Organization Tips

Organization is not just about finding places for socks and toys. Organizing our lives as mothers requires special attention as well. Join author Cindy McKee as she shares nine helpful hints to organizing life as a mother.