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Author Archive for Christina Bartholomew

About the Author:

I'm a busy mother to seven children born in nine years, two boys, five girls, and one set of twins. My hands are full and I'm loving it (mostly). I write about my life, my family, my parenting hints, and yes, sometimes even my frustrations on my blog at Hands Full Mom. If I based my assessment of myself on the many comments I get from strangers about my family, then I'm either a saint or a crazy woman. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
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Spiritual Sundays: Greeting the Dawn

Spiritual Sundays: Greeting the Dawn

On a normal day, irritations can pile up and I roll with the punches. However, on a day like yesterday, I just can't handle the toys, blankets, clothes, and Legos that are STILL on the floor (despite three kids being asked three times to clean them up). What to do?
Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride

It started with the usual oohing and ahhing.  The hotel’s desk clerk and concierge loved my four week old baby.  “Ah, so small!” “So sweet.” “How old?”  “What’s her name?”  Then came the question, “Is she your first?” I almost burst into hysterical laughter right there, but I composed myself and answered wryly, “Actually, no,...