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Author Archive for Chantel Rhodes

About the Author:

Chantel Rhodes is married to Joseph. They have four beautiful children and are beginning the adventure of teen parenting. Marriage and motherhood are Chantel’s primary jobs and the most challenging, though rewarding, of all the jobs she juggles. She also enjoys almost everything to do with words: writing, reading, playing word games, poetry, songs. Music fills her home – visitors most often hear Celtic music, show tunes or something classical playing in the background (although someone occasionally gets a wild hair to play Ray Stevens or Weird Al). And, if not for her sister’s recent wedding, she would not appear in a picture, usually being the one behind the camera whenever photos are taken. She’s a recovering perfectionist learning to take life as it comes and have more fun! Besides that, she’s a paralegal and has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Brigham Young University.
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The Monkey Bread Challenge

The Monkey Bread Challenge

The one key to becoming my best Mom-self was to slow my frenetic pace, stop doing so many things for my kids and just BE with my kids. I got caught up in DOING so much that I lost track of who my kids were.
Accidental Joy in Motherhood

Accidental Joy in Motherhood

I became a mother to each of my four children on purpose. Most of the time, I don’t want to imagine where I would be had I chosen another life. But, on some of the more challenging days, I remind myself this was my career choice, in spite of myself.