Want a simple and fun way to teach your children about honesty, courage, respect, kindness, self-reliance, and other values you hold dear? Want to contribute to a very worthy cause?

Then please join us for some adventures–based on the #1 NYTimes bestseller by Richard and Linda Eyre, Teaching Your Children Values.

Alexander’s Amazing Adventures is a series of exciting audio stories that focuses on teaching one value at a time. Your children will love listening  and you’ll love the audio coaching for parents and the discussion/activity guides that will help you build on Alexander’s fun adventures.

As a member of Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, you’ll receive the following 3 things to go with each of the 12 values in the program:

1. a 20-minute award-winning audio story for children. Each audio download follows a little boy named Alexander, his friend Ellie, and his tortoise, Theo, as they learn about the value of the month through their adventures. Each new adventure features great songs and exceptional acting and are beloved by children. (Click on the photo on the left for a 2-minute SAMPLE of the introductory adventure, Honesty.Your kids will be singing along in no time!)


2. a 20-minute Parents’ Audio Discussion by Richard and Linda Eyre featuring simple and fun ideas and methods for teaching the month’s value to your children as well as a brief article offering introductory ideas for parents. (Click on the photo on the left for a 2-minute SAMPLE of the parents’ discussion for Honesty.)


3. A Printable Family Discussion and Activity Guide offering listening comprehension questions you can ask your children about Alexander’s adventures, great questions and scenarios for general family discussion about the value of the month, and instructions for fun and meaningful activities that will help your family incorporate the value into your family time throughout the month. (Click here for the sampleHonesty Family Discussion and Activities)


Values Included in this Program (clickable)

Honesty: This initial adventure includes introductory materials for parents and the Honesty adventure–which introduces children to the overall story and characters involved in the series.

Self-Discipline and Moderation: Understanding and learning to embrace limits; delayed gratification

Love: Showing love through words and actions

Fidelity and Chastity: Some actions may be more special when saved for a special time and person; a special kind of loyalty

Respect: For ourselves, rules, beliefs, authority figures . . .

Courage: Doing hard things and trying new things

Self-Reliance and Potential: Taking care of ourselves and working on our talents and abilities

Unselfishness and Sensitivity: Noticing and caring about other people’s needs and feelings; empathy

Loyalty and Dependability: Standing up for people we care about, things we believe in; doing what we say we’ll do

Kindness and Friendliness: Making friends, doing little things that make others happy . .

Peaceability: Calming ourselves and others; learning to take things in stride

Justice and Mercy: Rules are important – but so is understanding; sometimes leniency is important


* NOTE: The materials in this program work well for any family wishing to discuss these universal values with their children (ages 3-12).  They can be beautifully combined with religious discussions or simply used to focus on the character traits and values of a moral society. This program does not include religious terms, references to any particular Diety, or controversial topics. 


While the regular price is $70, we’re offering a special price of just $48 for those who wish to support the “I Love Lucy” Project (during December, proceeds from this program go to help families who have children with BBS).

How it Works

Upon signing up, you’ll receive immediate and ongoing access to all the materials for each of the twelve values. To keep you on track, you’ll also receive an email on the first day of each month containing links to the children’s adventure MP3, the parents’ discussion MP3, the Family Discussion and Activity Guide, and supplementary materials like book lists and articles that correspond with that month’s value.

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