tiffanyLast Thursday April and Saren and about 80 other deliberate mothers celebrated the launch of Motherhood Realized at a lovely event in Salt Lake City. Everyone enjoyed beautiful readings from several of the authors of the book and participated in great small group discussions about what we’ve all realized about motherhood and what motherhood has helped us realize about ourselves.

In this podcast, April and Saren share what they learned from other moms at the event and offer great ideas for how you can:

  • build meaningful friendships with like-minded mothers (it’s not just our kids who need friends!)
  • realize the power and beauty of sharing our hearts, our needs, and our joys with other mothers


Show Notes

  • Learning Circles (the monthly mom-group we can help you set up)
  • We Need Each Other (podcast episode offering further ideas on supporting and learning from each other as moms)





Click here to view a PDF summary of the podcast.

Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.

Audio Editing by Christy Elder

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