Preparing for SUMMER!! Episode 53

summer funThose long, lovely days of summer can become some of our family’s best memories. But how do we create a little more structure so that summer break is enjoyable for EVERYONE?
April and Saren share detailed, tried-and-true ideas for summer learning and fun.



Show Notes

Do-it-Yourself Summer Camp (the program Saren talks through quite extensively in this episode)

Creating a Summer Schedule

My Summer Bucket List

Click here for a PDF version of the podcast summary.

Click here to see an example of the summer templates that April and her husband have used with an accompanying podcast.

Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.

Audio Editing by Christy Elder



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  1. ncbutterfly says

    What happened to the link to the podcast you did with your husband? I wanted to share it with my husband and take a look at the chart that he created for your kids! Looking forward to implementing a lot of this real soon!

    • Power of Moms says

      The podcast you are referencing is “Ideas for Working Together- Episode 56.” You can find it by visiting It has some templates that April and her husband have used in the past. We also just posted the link in the show notes above. Good luck!

  2. Michelle says

    I really love this idea for my 9 year old. The trouble I am having is that I also have a 3 year old. Some of the older child’s goals may need my help, but I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with him while I try to help her. Our schedule also kind of revolves around his mid-day nap. I’d love to hear some ideas from others who have a wide age range between kids.

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