A Brand New Life: Answer Key

I was having a particularly stressful day recently. It all started when for some reason, my alarm decided not to give out its warning and I knew I would never make it on time. Saved by the Bell I had too much to do–rouse the kids out of bed, get them dressed and fed, and get them to their bus stop–and not enough time to do it. By the time we went through our routine, at lightning speed and with too much yelling, we made it to the corner just in time to see the bus fly by. Saved by the Bell  That meant running back home and riding with the family down the street, through the courtesy of a car that has had a check engine light glaring at me for at least a month. The Flintstones I had faced too many mornings like this lately and was determined that it would not end like usual, with everyone late for school and one or more kids crying. No matter what the odds were this time, nothing was going to stand in my way. Perfect Strangers I knew that making my way to school that day would take everything I hadCheers

But this day, everything I had was not enough. We arrived 15 minutes late to school and my first grader was in tears that she missed the morning line-up and would have to walk into a class that had already started. After making our way to her class, I bent down and whispered to her, “Show me your smile again. Don’t waste another minute on your crying. Growing Pains I love you. You can be brave.” She looked up at me and said, “Mom, there’s nothing we can’t love each other through, right?” Family Ties

My heart melted and I knew that although sometimes the world looks perfect and there is nothing to rearrange, I had a feeling like I needed some kind of changePerfect Strangers When I returned home, the thought blossomed. Mornings like this and the associated tears were becoming way too common, but I knew there must be some magic clue inside those tearful wallsFamily Matters Instead of asking myself, ‘What ever happened to predictability?’, I was beginning to see that my life was becoming predictably stressful. Full House And needlessly so. My daughter started the spark of an idea, and I was beginning to see that there is a path you take and a path untaken, and the choice was up to me which one to chooseWho’s the Boss?

And so, step by step and day by day I began to make changes. Step by Step I decided to make a fresh start over, create a different hand to playStep by Step First I had to purge myself of the old way I had approached life–as if there was a time for love and a time for living. Who’s the Boss? Because there should not be that dichotomy. When I took the time to do so, everywhere I looked there was a heart or a hand to hold on to. Everywhere I looked there was a face of somebody who needs me. Full House And most of that started at home. After spending the day thinking about these things, when the kids came home from school I no longer approached the situation as the world falling apart in their tornado of books, bags, shoes, and dirt, but instead thought that as long as we have each other, we have the world spinning right in our handsGrowing Pains

This shift in mindset made all the difference. I began to be able to share the laughter and love with my family without stress. Family Ties I could take a break from all my worries, knowing that in a family, our troubles are all the same. Cheers And even if I lost a dream or two, at the end was a loving family. Who’s the Boss? Here are a few final points to ponder that have helped me in changing my mindset:

This has worked in my life. All I see now is a tower of dreams, with real love bursting out of every seam. Family Matters Yesterday the girls were bouncing here and there and everywhere, playing some sort of princess game. Gummi Bears I sat in my chair watching them, and I took a look at my kingdom. I knew that I was finally there, sitting on my throne. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air And believe it or not, I never thought I could feel so free. Greatest American Hero

QUESTION: What can you do to make a change when the world never seems to be living up to your dreams? Facts of Life

CHALLENGE: Share a laugh with your family–you might just live the good life yet. Mr. Belvedere

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