Managing Time from the Inside Out – Episode 42

Julie Morgenstern has published a fantastic book called Time Management from the Inside Out.

And in this podcast, I have the chance to talk with the amazing Adina Soclof of Parenting Simply to talk about how she has applied these principles in her own life.

Here are some of the questions we’ll discuss:

What are the different strengths mothers have when it comes to time management and getting things done?


How can mothers do a better job of not “fighting who they are” in terms of organization?

How can we be creative in “making things work” as we balance our many roles?

How do we make sure that effective time management doesn’t take the place of genuine, powerful parenting?  (Sometimes it’s easy to brush children aside so we can get something “done,” when, in fact, our children are really the ones who are most important to us.)

I came away with a much healthier perspective about time management, appreciating our unique styles, and putting first things first.  Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the podcast, “Managing Time from the Inside Out.”


Visit Adina’s website at: and see her related post about Time Management here.

Click on the featured photo to see an enlarged version of Adina’s schedule she referenced in the podcast.

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  1. says

    A great podcast. I was listening to it on this rainy day where I have made no plans to go inside, we’re cleaning the house etc. It was nice to hear and realize that that’s ok! Last week it was all go go go which I love, but that meant we were hardly home and the house and tasks got neglected. It was neat to realize that there does need to be a balance and that for things to get done at home I need to be AT home. Thanks ladies!

  2. Ashley Perkins says

    I loved this and I was in desperate need of hearing about this topic. Do you think it is possible to be both an introvert and extrovert?

    • April Perry says

      Yes, absolutely, Ashley! “Mixtures” are called ambiverts, I believe. Susan Cain has an amazing book on this called “Quiet.” We’re planning to have her on POM Radio soon! :)

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