When you walk by a store window or a mirror in your home, do your eyes immediately dart to your “problem” areas?  Have you ever looked at your post-baby body and felt incredibly frustrated by what you see?  Do you want to develop a healthy–even wonderful–perspective about your body so you can better appreciate who you really are?

And would you like to pass that healthy perspective on to your children?

The more I learn about body image issues among mothers and children, the more I see that we need to be discussing these issues openly–in an optimistic, positive way that will encourage us to care for ourselves, help us withstand the lies of the media, and create an environment in our homes that emphasizes the real beauty and confidence.

This podcast with Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined is one of the most informative, enlightening, uplifting discussions about body image that I have ever had in my life.

Learn real tips and strategies to love and appreciate the beauty that is in each one of us.

Click here to listen to the podcast, “Beauty Redefined”


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