organizing your timeWe’ve been getting lots of emails at The Power of Moms from mothers who believe in the mission of this site and want to apply what they’re learning to their families, but they wonder if it’s too late.

Many of these mothers are past the infant stage.  Some have 10-year-olds, some have 20-year-olds, and others are already grandmothers.

The emails we’ve received are full of heartache–and a glimmer of hope.  We can tell that these mothers love their children and are looking for ideas and support to help them become the mother they really want to be when they’re starting a little late in the game or when they didn’t experience positive mothering first hand when they were growing up.

We’d love your help answering the following questions from our readers:

  • Is it ever too late to become the mother you want to be or to implement deliberate mothering techniques?
  • Can you effectively develop great relationships with teenagers if you haven’t built a firm foundation for that relationship all their lives?
  • How do you get your older kids going on a positive behavior system or a system of family housework participation if you didn’t start it when they were toddlers?

(We’d love to hear stories, book recommendations, links to great blog posts, practical ideas, etc.)


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