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Editor’s Note: The Power of Moms is a website for mothers of all religions (and for mothers who are not necessarily religious). Each Sunday, we post a spiritual essay, and we would love to gather a wide variety of perspectives and ideas.  Our goal is to be respectful of all beliefs while simultaneously offering opportunities to share meaningful, spiritual thoughts with one another.

I went to visit a mother the other day who is going through ten times as many challenges as I am, and she wondered the same thing. “I know I won’t be challenged beyond what I can bear, but I feel so maxxed out. How am I going to get through this?”

The only response I could think of was regarding this principle: We are allowed to be stretched to the very maximum because we need to understand that we depend completely on a Higher Source of power as we grow through life. I know that I can’t possibly handle all that is required of me if I am relying on my own strength. However, when I admit that I’m “human” and then increase my faith, the world suddenly seems less overwhelming.

One morning when my husband was in graduate school, I was trying to get my two-year-old and eight-month-old out the door for an early appointment. EVERYTHING went wrong. I felt like an emotional, awkward ballerina–spinning, crying, and leaping through our apartment of clutter and chaos as I tried to pack the diaper bag, nurse and change my baby, discipline my two-year-old, and simultaneously leave the apartment looking somewhat tidy so I wouldn’t have to come home to a mess.

At some point during my “dance,” I gathered my children together, knelt on the floor with them, and explained, “Mommy is really tired, and I don’t know if I can handle this. Will you please pray with me?” From that point forward, everything fell into place. We made it to our appointment, I didn’t “lose it,” and I knew that I had received extra help that day from unseen sources.

Sometimes I ask for help by kneeling. Sometimes it’s a cry from my heart as I’m ushering children through a busy parking lot, and sometimes it’s a simple request as I sit by my bed at the end of the day and wonder how I’m going to make it through tomorrow.

As I think about the Lord’s power to ease the complexities of my life and solve the challenges that bring a pit to my stomach, I realize that I CAN do this. I can’t do it alone, but I can do it with help. Life isn’t meant to be full of stress, exhaustion, and frustration. These symptoms can be alleviated as we learn to see things with a clearer perspective and recognize that we’re not dependent solely on ourselves.

I’m trying to be better about stopping myself during those hard moments and asking for the help I need. My mom was a great example of this. She’d be doing the dishes or making the beds or sweeping the floor, and I would hear a whispered plea: “Father.” A couple of times, I asked her why she called out to Him. To me, everything seemed like it was going just fine, but my mother was often carrying burdens that I knew nothing about. Instead of taking her anger out on me or running out and racking up debt on the credit card or wallowing in time-wasting activities, she simply focused her faith and called, “Father.”

Our lives are going to be hard sometimes, but as we sincerely ask for help, we will receive it.

QUESTION:  How do you remind yourself to ask for spiritual help?

CHALLENGE:  Next time you start to feel totally overwhelmed, stop yourself in the process, recognize that you need extra assistance, and then ask for that help.

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