Sometimes I (April) struggle to help my children set and achieve goals.  I want them to be excited about life, and I want them to progress within their areas of interest, but the whole process can feel a bit overwhelming.

So I teamed up with DeAnne Flynn, an inspiring mother of seven children (ages 8-22), who had tons of great tips to share.  I thought I would feel stressed out by the end since there is so much I am not doing. But guess what!  It’s not as hard as I thought.

We teach our children to help out around the house.  We don’t solve all their problems for them.  We let them be bored sometimes.  We pull back a bit as a parent.  We breathe.  We relax.

That, I can totally do.

DeAnne has wonderful ideas I know you’ll love. Enjoy the podcast!  (And you can visit her on her website,


Click here to listen to the podcast, “Getting Excited About Goals.”


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