April wrap up for the values “Unselfishness and Sensitivity”

photo by Mary Croxford

Welcome! If you are new to this area of the website, we are so glad you stopped by and want to invite you to share with us any ideas that you have or things you have done with your own family as you teach the monthly value. We can learn so much from each other!

photo by Mary Croxford

On our daughter Abby’s last birthday (she turned 2), her darling church nursery teacher dropped off this huge cookie. Of course, she was delighted! Quickly she started to get a lot of attention from several of her siblings. She was excited to show them, but soon learned their motives and became very protective of her gift. The usual suggestions from me of, “Why don’t you share your big cookie?” didn’t seem to phase her, but then we started talking about a story she liked at the time, “The Rainbow Fish”. After talking about it she was in a different state and it became easier for me to point out the hopeful, eager looks on her siblings faces and she was then able to relate better to how they must be feeling. Her attitude then changed and she was excited and happy to share with her family. She received many smiles, hugs, “thank yous”, etc. which only validated her decision to share.

photo by Mary Croxford

Not long ago we moved into a new city. Our teenager son, Jesse, was excited and apprehensive about the move because it meant switching schools and making new friends. We were in our house for only one day when a group of boys our son’s age knocked at our door and invited Jesse to come “hang out” with them. Over the past year these boys have become very good friends. I so appreciate their parents who have taught these boys the meaning of sensitivity as they quickly reached out to the “newcomer” and made him a part of their circle of friends.

I have found that story telling and role playing are two very significant ways to teach values. When I make my children a part of either by asking questions, holding visuals, acting out situations or just talking through situations (the latter more for teens), I find they remember what we have talked about and can relate the situations better in their own lives and own experiences. I also firmly believe that there is no better way to teach than by living the very value I mean to instill within my children. When we reach out with sensitivity and unselfishness to others, our children will see and feel the joy and importance that comes from living these values. This week my family helped me make dinner for a sweet neighbor who has had knee surgery. We had a great time, cooking, and mixing and chatting about how much fun it was to help out others. Of course, our neighbor was delighted and we all felt the joy of service!

What have you done this month to teach the values of unselfishness and sensitivity? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

In a couple of days, we will begin to focus on May’s values, “Kindness and Friendliness”. Start giving it some more thought, and we will be posting May’s value along with some fun ideas, books etc. to help in teaching this value to your family!

Hugs to all!

— Mary

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