Believe on StoneI Believe.

I Believe that the love of a truly Good Man is one of Life’s Greatest Miracles.

I Believe that Specific Prayers bring Specific Answers.

I Believe that doing Hard Things can make you Softer. In a good way.

I Believe that there is nothing more pure than the love of a Child.

I Believe that a good cry followed by a hearty laugh and a little chocolate can cure just about anything.

I Believe that I’d rather have a few Quality friends than a crowded Quantity of associates.

I Believe that a little mascara, lipstick and deodorant can do wonders in reminding you that you are a Woman.

I Believe that Kindred Spirits can pick up just where they left off.

I Believe that Adversity – like dieting – is hard. But necessary.

I Believe that Home is defined by who dwells in it. Not by the mailing address.

I Believe that sometimes you don’t realize how little you need until you get what you want and still find yourself wanting.

I Believe that blogging is great. But Real Life is better.

I Believe Childhood Moments are fleeting and -thus – I want to be a part of every moment.

I Believe that wrinkles are beautiful and are a sign of a Life well lived.

I Believe in Sacrificing what you want now for what you want most.

I Believe that – at the end of my Life – what I will regret the most is not Living In the Moment.

I Believe that – like Mother Earth – I am constantly evolving into the person My Father would have me be. And that spiritual stretch marks are a GOOD thing.

I Believe that when we fully embrace and LIVE each season of Life we are more prepared to experience the next.

And – finally – I Believe that WHAT I believe and how I LIVE those beliefs help keep me believing.

And thank heaven for that because . . .

I Believe.

QUESTION: What do YOU believe?

CHALLENGE: Take some time today to write down what you believe–sometimes we just need to remind ourselves.


Image by thepathtraveler/FreeDigitalPhotos.

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