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One part of mothering that is just now dawning on me is the continual progression of motherhood.

A woman does not instantly become the mother she’s always dreamed of being just because she brings her newborn baby home. A mother must learn and grow, sometimes through painful experiences, many times caused by her own mistakes.

But the beauty of mothering is that we can learn from our mistakes and make real changes in our behavior and our approach to mothering over time, all of which becomes a blessing to our families!

I would suppose that many readers can already pinpoint real changes that they’ve made since their start in the mothering field, and perhaps you can even identify the primary influence that inspired those changes. I, for one, would like to hear about them.

QUESTION: What is one significant change you have made in yourself as a mother?

CHALLENGE:  Choose one thing you would like to change in your mothering and focus on that this week.

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