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Here is another reader question*:

I am a young mom, three years out of college. My husband is pursuing a graduate degree, and I am home with our baby. While I am happy that I get to stay home with my son, I often envy my husband, being able to increase his intellect and pursue academic opportunities. I feel like he is passing me by–I can’t keep up with his learning and the classes he is taking. I also feel undereducated when I join him at work parties. We don’t have the finances to send me to school (or even afford online courses), nor would I want to leave my baby with anyone else at this point. I am definitely learning a lot about parenting and childcare these days, and I also enjoy reading an occasional novel, but that doesn’t make me feel more “educated.” So I’m wondering what I can do to still advance my learning, at a university level, while I am home taking care of my son. Any ideas?

How do you continue your education as a mother?

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