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This Question was submitted by a reader (we love reader questions!):

 You thought you were done.You gave away all of your maternity clothes a year ago, sold the baby swing on Craigslist, and tossed the bottles into the recycling bin.You celebrated when you threw away the last pacifier.You look forward to no longer buying diapers and pull ups.  The high chair has been sitting alone in the corner for months. When you see an uncomfortably large pregnant woman, you are so glad it’s not you. Your “baby” is not a baby anymore.

 Yet, there’s a nagging sadness that you will not have anymore children.Do you take the sadness as a sign you are just not done, or are you experiencing the natural grieving process to the end of an era? 

 Should having another baby be primarily a spiritual decision?  Is it selfish to consider your age, family finances, the impact of another baby on your marriage, your social life, and the physical impact on your body?  If you are older, do you risk the warnings of “advanced maternal age” statistics?  How do you know you can realistically care for one more child without completely losing your mind?

 How do you make the decision to have just one more baby, or to move onto the next phase of your life?

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