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I was never more food-conscious than I am now that I’m a mom. Before I had kids, food was always an afterthought. I could cook up something grand when I wanted to, but I could also eat a granola bar and call it good. A baked potato with melted cheese seemed like a feast.

Now with five mouths to feed, food is front-and-center almost constantly. At any given point in the day, it seems like at least one of the five of us is wanting a snack or a meal, to have tummy or palate satisfied. Foods can influence moods and become the building blocks of a person’s overall health.

Dinner is the one meal over which we probably have the most control, and there was a great article on this site explaining a systematic approach to planning these. But how do you plan for all of the eating that happens the rest of the day? And, moms, how do you gauge your own appetites, when the fridge and pantry are often just a few steps away?

How do you make healthful eating manageable for you and your family?

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