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Have you ever had “one of those days” where you are on the verge of tears every time you turn around?  

Well, today is one of those days for me, and even though I know it will get better tomorrow, I wanted to put it in writing here on the website so that you know you’re not the only one who feels discouraged sometimes.

There isn’t anything particularly terrible about my life today.  My children and I are perfectly healthy.  We have plenty of food, a warm house, a car, flexibility in our schedule…so what’s the problem?

It’s all those little things that keep pushing me closer and closer to the edge:

-My two-year-old yells about everything.  

-My two-year-old knows how to remove the child-safety-doorknob locks.

-My two-year-old runs faster than I do, toward busy streets, laughing excitedly whenever we go out in public.

-My 7-year-old gets mad at the 6-year-old for chewing too loudly.

-My 6-year-old chews too loudly.

-Somebody needs me every 30 seconds and wants to show me their picture or their story or their boo boo or their cool toy, and I want to be seriously delighted, but I start feeling torn in too many directions, and then I feel badly if I’m not “cherishing the moment.”

-My 10-year-old is way too perceptive of my feelings, and whenever a tear escapes from my eyes, she panics, “Don’t cry mom.  Please don’t cry.”  

-I wonder if I’m not teaching my children well enough because they seem to be whining and arguing whenever I turn around.

-We have two shirts in the garbage can right now because I didn’t use stain-remover soon enough, and then I feel badly that I’m wasting clothing.

-Our library books are overdue.

-I have six months worth of ironing hanging in my laundry room…un-ironed and not soon to be done.

-Our backyard is so tiny that whenever the kids play baseball or kickball, the ball goes into the park behind us.  And when we finally gave in a few months ago and bought a couple of nice ladders, someone stole the one on the park side.

-I don’t feel safe enough in my neighborhood to let my children go outside alone, so we all have to stay in our little kitchen all day, and the noise level drives me nearly insane.

What’s funny is that I could have made this exact same list yesterday, but yesterday these things didn’t bother me.  Yesterday I felt happy and productive, and I enjoyed my children, and life was great.  

For one reason or another, our lives are going to seem too hard on some days.  We’re going to want to cry and throw up our hands and say, “I give up!”  But that’s when we have to take a deep breath, remember that things will get better, and promise ourselves that we will NEVER give up.  

That’s why The Power of Moms is here.  Because we need each other.  I love it that I can get on the website and read about your experiences and remember why it is I’m doing all this.  I love envisioning all of you out there trying to be patient, trying to enjoy your families, and trying to grow your best selves.  I love that.  I need that.  Even just reading the comments you leave on other mothers’ articles lifts me.  I get a little email each time a comment is posted to the general site, and it inspires me to see conversations taking place out there about the things that really matter.

Crafts, recipes, cleaning tips, business ideas…all those things are great, but what I REALLY need, and what I get from The Power of Moms is the strength to be the best mother I can be.  

I started writing this article while I was crying about how hard my life felt.  Now I’m crying because I just love you all so much.  Thanks for being part of this with me.

Have a great day!


QUESTION:  How do you cope with having “one of those days?”

CHALLENGE:  Write down a list of all of the blessings you have noticed today.  You will feel a lot better.

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